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With over 40 years of providing community employment services, the Hardin County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Hardin DD) is continuing to develop relationships with employers in their community. Connecting with employers and dedication to the community has been influential in community employment success in Hardin County. Individuals served by Hardin DD include retail, food service, maintenance, jobs in a hospital setting, clerical, landscaping, and factory/logistics.

Hardin DD has established specific policies and practices to support community employment. They have committed to transition at least five people per year into an integrated work setting, which is over 5% of the individuals they serve. Recently, Hardin DD created an Employment First Coordinator position to work with local school districts to assist with students transitioning to adulthood. They also work with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) through the OOD-DODD partnership to help individuals transition from facility-based to community-based work settings.

Additionally, Hardin DD partners with the local Ohio Means Jobs office to provide an integrated summer youth program. This program has over 42 job sites and is focused on breaking the cycle of poverty by providing job experiences and increasing awareness in the community. Hardin DD staff also sit on regional and local transportation committees to enhance integrated transportation options for the county.Hardin County has a Kiwanis Aktion Club where individuals with disabilities participate in service projects. In 2013, the Aktion Club completed 36 projects in the community.

Several individuals have been successfully employed in the community in Hardin County. One individual has worked for over 25 years at K-Mart and is a very valued employee. Another individual has social anxiety and found it difficult to work in many places. However, through job development, he has recently been hired to clean water softeners and works independently in a local business. The flexibility of the job has allowed him to be successful. At a local pizza parlor, one individual has been employed for over 4 years and works 6 days a week. He lives independently in his own apartment close to work and has been a very valuable asset to his employer.

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