Community Employment Resource Map

Fulton County

A wide variety of community employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities exist in Fulton County. Positions are available in the industries of food service, retail, logistics, and data entry. Due to the size of the county, Fulton County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Fulton DD) has been able to develop several strong relationships throughout the county. 

Fulton DD developed a community first policy that supports integrated employment. Additionally, Fulton DD works with local school districts to provide transition services for students moving into adult services. Over the summer, Fulton DD hosted a prevocational 3 to 4 week program that taught job skills to students prior to graduation. Fulton DD provides transportation services, as there are no county-wide public transportation options. 

Fulton DD partners with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities and the Fulton County Economic Development Corporation. The Fulton County Economic Development Corporation brings together public and private resources to ensure the success of businesses in Fulton County.  It provides networking options and employer education.