Community Employment Resource Map

Cuyahoga County Resident

Cuyahoga County

There are several job opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities in Cuyahoga County. The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Cuyahoga DD) works to determine the workforce needs in the area through the workforce analysis report published by the local Jobs and Family Services office. Some of the in demand jobs include positions in: healthcare, customer service, and education. Individuals with developmental disabilities hold positions in those fields as well as a variety of others like custodial, manufacturing, maintenance, retail, and food service.

Cuyahoga DD also has a collaborative relationship with the local Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) office through both the Employment First initiative and a subcontractprogram. This relationship has grown the number of referrals from only about 10 to 15 in the past to now over 200 individuals with developmental disabilities being served through OOD.  The local Ohio Means Jobs office also has a relationship with Cuyahoga DD and has trained county board staff on their placement system.

There is also a Department of Labor initiative in Cuyahoga County that promotes collaboration between Cuyahoga DD, OOD, CEVEC Vocational Schools, and others to establish greater levels of engagement for individuals with developmental disabilities in post-secondary education.  Additionally Cuyahoga DD works with local school districts on transition programs that assist students exit school into employment and other adult services. Another group comprised of over 15 agencies in Cuyahoga County is focused on engaging employers and building relationships in the community in order to place individual in the best fitting available employment opportunities.

On Base is a system in the West Lake area associated with Highland Software. This business allows organizations become paperless, and On Base has hired several individuals with developmental disabilities to scan and file paperwork in preparation of moving documentation on the cloud.

Another unique position is one individual who was hired by the Cuyahoga County probate court as an administrative assistant and has held this position for over a year.

Collaboration is one of the most influential aspects of community employment success in Cuyahoga County.  Agencies have been able to work together and provide access to individuals need in order to find integrated employment.