Community Employment Resource Map

Clinton County

Clinton County, a primarily industrial area, has a wide range of opportunities for the individuals they serve. With its employment services recently privatized (also known as Orion Rehabilitation Center, Inc.), they have found potential to grow and further develop community employment in their county. Some of this growth has taken on new staffing by hiring an Employment First coordinator to assist with job development. Other growth has been encouraging partnerships with local businesses through networking.

The employment services team hopes to meet the needs of both the individuals served and the businesses in their area by creating meaningful placements with well supported and trained workers.  Currently, many of the community employment positions include retail, service, and a variety of positions in a hospital setting. Community integrated volunteer opportunities help to build job skills and experiences. One individual has found complete natural supports in his position. His supervisor in particular is extremely proactive and has found ways to provide any necessary ongoing supports in-house. Through building a strong foundation and being active in the community, the employment services hopes to build awareness and generate more positive outcomes in the future.

Additional Resources:

Click here to learn more about Clinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities resources for the Employment First initiative. Resources include their strategic plan, policy, and additional information.