Facility-Based Employment

Facility-Based Employment Banner

Facility-Based Employment is when an individual is receiving employment services in a setting where the majority of employees have a disability and are receiving continuous job-related supports and supervision.

Examples of Facility-Based employment include:

  • Sheltered workshops
  • Work activity centers
  • Extended employment programs

In Reporting Period 2019, there were 8,320 people working in a Facility-Based job.

The bar charts below breakdown the hours and wages for each Facility-Based job. 

These bar charts represent the number of jobs and not the distinct count of individuals. 

Most Facility-Based jobs provided the individual $8.55 an hour and an average of 20 hours a week. 

The overall state average for those in a Facility-Based job made $5.26 an hour and an average of 11 hours a week.