2020 Transformation Summit Agenda - Coming Soon!

Preparation for the 2020 Transformation Summit 

  • Discuss how you’d like to participate in the Summit – who would be best suited for the Leadership Discussion and who will get the most out of the Implementation Discussion? How do you currently organize around transformation? How do you plan and how do you implement the plan? What stories of transformation can you bring to share?  
  • Gather all of your agency information (i.e. mission/vision, strategic plan, current data, assessments, transformation plan, etc.) as well as short- and long-term goals and objectives. 
  • Draft a list of issues, challenges, and questions to discuss or share during the summit. Use this guiding question, "What does our agency need to know or find out to move forward with our work?" 
  • Participate in a pre-Summit webinar with all of the subject matter experts (SME). Note: You will receive an invitation and instructions for participating in the webinar in May 2020.

What to bring?

  • Agency documentation (i.e. mission/vision, strategic plan, current data, etc.) 
  • Additional supporting resources (i.e. articles, books, worksheets, etc.) 
  • Completed reading materials or assignments provided by your SME
  • Laptop computer or tablet

Dress comfortably and come prepared for a full two days of thinking, discussion, and writing!