June 23, 2020 | Day one:

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

We started off our morning with Keynote Sarah Buffie of Soul Bird Consulting who set the tone, mindset, and expectations for the day. Attendees then joined facilitated breakout sessions where they asses the current situation and collaborated with other Summiteers. In the afternoon session, we were able to hear from attendees, Ohio Leaders, and DODD as they talked about key themes from the day. We ended the day with Tim Vogt featuring families discussing the way our transformation efforts will affect their loved ones' futures.  

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September 22, 2020 | Day two:

Day one focused on ensuring that all stakeholders in the developmental disabilities system share the same beliefs and intentions: supporting people with developmental disabilities to access their communities in the ways they want and deserve.

Now it’s time for the “how.” 

How do you make transformation work?

In response to post-summit surveys, we're organizing the second day, with an emphasis on real-world solutions and models of innovative services. Summiteers will have the opportunity to attend morning and afternoon breakout sessions based on the needs of their agency. Providers will be leading breakout sessions concerning their own transformation journeys and will walk us all through how they did it, and continue to transform. Subject Matter Experts will also be facilitating sessions specific to how transformation actually works: 

  • Assessing what your programs/supports do and the results they’re producing
  • Planning that creates change, based on the assessment  
  • Implementing the plan, including budgeting for it
  • Evaluating the plan’s effect on your transformation process
  • Continually Innovating based on all of the above

Transforming from facility to community is a never-ending process of assessing, planning, evaluating, and doing. Innovation comes from intentionally focusing on how and why you do what you do. 

It’s time to get down to business.

Start your thinking now! Come prepared to discuss some of the following questions: 

  • How has COVID-19 affected your transformation planning? 
  • How has it affected implementing your transformation plan? 
  • How has what you’ve learned from the COVID-19 crisis informed your transformation process?
  • How has it accelerated your transformation planning and process?
  • How has your transformation process during the crisis informed your relationships with families and residential providers?
  • How has it affected your relationships with county boards and SSAs?
  • How has it transformed your relationships with employers and businesses?
  • How has it helped or hindered innovative service delivery models?
  • How has the crisis opened new doors for you around technology and supports?
  • How has your transformation plan/process played a positive role in facilitating your response to COVID-19?
  • How can the response to COVID-19 develop into an opportunity for innovation?