Changing Expectations Conference 2013

Employment First: Changing Expectations

Conference Session Materials:

Tuesday June 4, 2013

Keynote: Dale DiLeo
Building a Culture of Employment First
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Building Natural Supports
Dale DiLeo
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Building Local Interagency Collaboration
Fairfield County Team
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Person Centered Planning
Katina Karoulis and Panel
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Mobile Technology
Madeline Rosenshein
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DODD and VR Partnerships
Kristen Helling, Rose Reed and Panel
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Wednesday, June 5 2013

Keynote: David Hoff
Employment First: What Is It really Going To Take?
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Linking Customized Employment and Discovery
Patty Cassidy
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College Programs that Promote Employment
Margo Izzo and Bob Baer
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Gearing Up Provider Services
Teri Derry and Panel
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10 Tips - Disability Benefits
Amy Tuell and Ron Swain
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Transition Programs and Practices with a Focus on Employment
Jennifer Hudak and Panel
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Medicaid and Medicaid Buy-In
Angie Hartman and Jeff Sproul
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Creating a Collaborative Summary of Performance Process to Facilitate Post-Secondary Engagement for Young Adults with Disabilities
Amy Szymanski, Angela Cassidy and Cathy Ruiz
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