2019 Transformation Series

Questions about registration for the At-A-Glance Site Visits, Webinars, and Transformation Summit? Contact Danny Gruber.

DODD Community Life Engagement Project Managers

Questions about the content and format of the 2019 Transformation Series? The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities has designated Community Life Engagement Project Managers to support provider agencies throughout the systems change process.

Kelly Schuck                                                  Britta Hough (Out on leave 12/3/18-2/25/19, please see temporary map below)
Project Manager, NW Region                          Project Manager, NE Region                
Office: (614) 867-8351                                     Office: (614) 813-3255


Keith Banner                                                  Tom Hess
Project Manager, SW Region                          Project Manager, SE Region                
Office: 614-687-1563                                       Office: (614) 466-7480


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CLE Regional Map

Please note the updated map effective December 2018 - February 2019