Phase 1: Transformation-At-A-Glance

Understanding Connections, Imagining Possibilities

Provider agencies interested in beginning or continuing their systems change process are invited to visit and learn from selected provider organizations from across Ohio who have transformed their service models. Provider agency management and staff will walk attendees through their transformation journey and process – from initial assessment to planning to implementation and beyond.

There are two options for Transformation At-A-Glance experiences: (1) site visits – on location at selected provider organizations throughout Ohio, (2) webinars – virtual visits through Facebook Live, GoToMeeting, or similar platforms. Attendees are welcome to attend one or more options, and can also choose to attend a combination of site visits and webinars.

Transformation At-A-Glance site visits and webinars are a major aspect to the 2019 Transformation Series process, providing an important foundation for the Transformation Summit in May and the ongoing planning and implementation that continues after the event through the attendee's Regional Community of Practice.

Transformation At-A-Glance site visits and webinars help agencies cultivate a deeper understanding of different ideas, strategies, possibilities, and opportunities they can pursue, develop, or replicate within their own agency.

Step 1 – Register

Site Visits and Webinars start April 4 and run through May 7. Registration closed Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

Step 2 – Prepare

  • Before your visit, review your current program, offerings, and/or strategic plan. 
  • Identify your agency’s key short-term and long-term challenges/issues. 
  • Develop a list of topics or questions you would like to address during your visit.

Step 3 – Attend

Site Visits

  • Note that some provider agencies offer an open house format and some offer a program(s) with a scheduled time. You will receive an email message from OCALI with details and instructions for participating in the site visit.
  • If attending a site visit at a scheduled time, please plan accordingly so you arrive 5-10 minutes before the start time.
  • Be sure to have site visit contact info (phone number or email) readily available in case of delay or problems in arriving on time for your visit. 


  • Webinars will be offered through Zoom, Facebook Live, GoToMeeting, or similar platforms. You will receive an email message from your DODD Community Life Engagerment Project Manager with details and instructions for participating in the webinar.
  • Note: Some platforms may also require registration in order to participate (e.g. GoToMeeting). The registration link will be included in the email message from your DODD Commiunity Life Engagement Project Manager.

Step 4 – Debrief

  • Review with your core team what was learned/discovered during the site visit or webinar. 
  • Share a summary report of findings and discoveries with your full agency team and key stakeholders. 
  • Prepare a “To Do” list of tasks and assignments to be discussed or developed further at the 2019 Transformation Summit on May 14, 2019.