Phase 1: Transformation-At-A-Glance

Understanding Connections, Imagining Possibilities

Provider agencies that are thinking about becoming involved in the systems change process are invited to visit and learn from those provider organizations in their own region or across the state that have started to shift their service models. We have identified various provider agencies for their efforts in one of five target areas in the systems change process:

  1. Assessment
  2. Planning
  3. Implementation
  4. Evaluation
  5. Service Innovation

Learn More About Five Target Areas

Though not required, Transformation-At-A-Glance visits are strongly encouraged and will provide an important foundation and basis for the work that will be done during the 2018 Transformation Summit. These visits will help provider agencies cultivate a deeper understanding of different ideas, strategies, possibilities, and opportunities they can pursue, develop, or replicate within their own agency. The overall goal of this initiative is to connect with and learn from each other as we collectively continue the systems change process across Ohio.

Step 1 – Review

Look for agencies that seem like a good match for your own agency’s work in one of the five target areas in the systems change process:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Service Innovation

Hint: Contact a DODD support person for assistance or guidance in selecting a site(s) that best matches your current profile and needs. You will concentrate on only one systems change target area at the 2018 Transformation Summit.

Step 2 – Schedule

These can be in-person or virtual. Details are listed under the agency profiles.

  • Schedule your Transformation-At-A-Glance visit between March 5 – April 13, 2018.
  • Note that some sites offer an open house format and some offer a scheduled program with set times.

Register for At-A-Glance Agency Site Visits

Step 3 – Prepare

  • Before your visit, review your current program, offerings, and/or strategic plan.
  • Identify your agency’s key short-term and long-term challenges/issues.
  • Develop a list of topics or questions you would like to address during your visit.
  • Identify 2-3 lead team members who will participate in the visit.

Step 4 – Attend

  • Note that some provider agencies offer an open house format, some will offer scheduled dates/times, and others will be done virtually (Facebook live, GoToMeeting, etc).
  • If attending a scheduled program, plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before the start time.
  • Be sure to have visit contact info readily available in case of delay or problems in arriving on time for your visit.

Hint: Take notes, photos/video (with permission from the site, of course), and/or record your experience for later review/discussion with your full agency team and key stakeholders.

Step 5 – Debrief

  • Review with your core team what was learned/discovered during the visit.
  • Share a summary report of findings and discoveries with your full agency team and key stakeholders.
  • Prepare a “To Do” list of tasks and assignments to be discussed or developed further at the 2018 Transformation Summit.

Hint: Reconnect with a DODD support person to discuss the Transformation-At-A-Glance visit experience and review action items or next steps.