Provider Support Trainings

Augmentative Communication Devices as Employment Supports - January 2015
Describes options for augmentative communication devices, the importance of communication for employment, and how individuals can increase their functional independence by using these devices.

Employment supports for those With IDD and Autism - February 2015
Explores how to identify and implement employment support strategies for individuals with IDD and Autism.

Employment supports for those With Physical or Sensory involvement - March 2015
Demonstrates technological supports, how to use them for employment and personal growth and independence, and the use are particular teaching strategies for individuals with physical or sensory involvement.

Employment using Mobile Technology to Improve Employment Outcomes
Brief video about how mobile technology can be used in transition planning for supported employment and strategies for how to use mobile applications.

Mobile Technology as Employment Supports - August 2014
Learn how to identify if technology is appropriate, how technology can be used, the pros and cons of using technology, and specific applications that are successful in supported employment.

Task Analysis for Job Coaches - June 2014
Learn how to describe and conduct task analysis as well as strategies for modifying tasks to increase success on the job.

The Job Matching Process - April 2015
Explore different perspectives, systemic process, and best practices for job matching.

The Role of the Occupational Therapist in Supporting Employment - September 2014
Demonstrates how occupational therapists can be used and how to gain access to this service for in the work environment.

The Role of Rehab Engineering and the Assistive Technology Centers in Supporting Employment - October 2014
Describes how a rehabilitation engineer can serve on a transition team and available resources, including a list of assistive technology centers, in the state of Ohio.

Video Resumes and Professional Portfolios - November 2014
Explains what a video resume is and how individuals with disabilities can use them to demonstrate their skills for potential employers.

Worksite Analysis for Job Coaches - July 2014
Describes worksite analyses and strategies for how to engage worksites regarding employment opportunities.